Video Marketing: YouTube and Beyond

YouTubeIn a classic episode of “The Office,” Dunder-Mifflin boss Michael Scott says of a noteworthy event, “I’ve got to make sure YouTube comes down to tape this.”

What a relief not to have to rely on corporate media outlets any longer to get the word out about your company or product. Through advancements in the Internet, power has been put back into the hands of every day people—people like you who are passionate, eager, and though you may not know it, completely capable of taking advantage of the brilliance of video marketing. Producing a web video (a video specifically designed for use on the web) is a great place to start.

Technology is constantly evolving to make video easier and more accessible for the average person to utilize. And because it’s becoming so popular, it’s something customers look for when deciding on a product. In other words, everyone’s doing it—and everyone expects it.

Among the other great reasons for using video marketing, it really works, too. Studies show that people would rather watch than read, making video email campaigns and video in search engine results statistically more appealing.

There are numerous ways to join in the video marketing craze. Contact a professional web video production company to find out more about your video options. Even if you just begin with YouTube, it’s a start. Remember what Michael Scott said: “When I discovered YouTube, I didn’t work for five days. I did nothing. I watched Cookie Monster sing Chocolate Rain about a thousand times.”

Good luck, and happy videoing.