Video for Mobile Devices

video-mobile-1If you think about it, it’s almost science fiction… To think that we can consistently, successfully, and frequently watch high quality, engaging, and useful video on your phone or other mobile devices. I mean, when I was a kid that was something only Captain Kirk could do.

Yet, here we are and the mobile phenomenon is changing the landscape of advertising, marketing, web development, video production, etc. Businesses and creatives are having to change the way they do things. It’s an exciting time. It’s also a competitive and challenging time. Traditional mediums are decreasing in effectiveness and now, more than ever, content is king. Content, your message, and the way you deliver your message are of significant importance and here’s why…

It’s a well known fact that it’s important to think about your message and communicate it in a creative and memorable way… a way that’s tailored and targeted to your audience. And everybody knows that attention spans in the Internet world are short. You’ve got to be on your game. That’s not news. But when you add mobile to the equation, you’re presented with a new dynamic. People are consuming your content from more places and in a much different way than before. It’s becoming the norm—wait, it IS the norm—and users are finding that the mobile experience fits their lifestyle. They want more of it and they expect more.

eMarketer estimates that by 2016, more than 110 million Americans—or one-third of the total US population—will watch video content on a mobile phone at least once per month. This year, just under 20% of the population, or 25.2% of US mobile phone users, are expected to watch mobile video monthly.

To compete in this realm, you’ve really got to think about your content and how you’re delivering it. Websites need more sophisticated navigation systems and your website must be responsive. And clearly, you need video content. It’s what people want.

The content you’re putting out there must be engaging and relevant and custom video production for mobile devices can be the best way to go.