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Robinson Auto Group – Holiday TV Commercial

We have produced several corporate commercials for Robinson Auto Group in Wheeling, West Virginia. We helped Robinson Auto through a re-branding campaign when they moved in a new and much larger facility.

Robinson Auto is a well established name in the area and their location had remained the same for many, many years. So, making the move to new a place was a big deal.

We designed a new logo and started to develop the new Robinson Auto brand. The first step was a series of television commercials that covered a variety of topics, including parts and service. The location and appearance of the new dealership are highly emphasized in the TV spots.

To add this emphasis visually, each of the new buildings (Toyota, Ford, and GMC) were modeled in the 3D. Once the models were created it helped set the tone for all the spots and added the flexibility needed to create a commercial series for Robinson Auto.

When the 2010 holiday season rolled around, Robinson Auto decided that they wanted to send a nice message to old and new customers to thank them for the success at the new location… Not a commercial to sell cars, just a message of gratefulness and thanks.

So, we added some holiday splendor and Christmas spirit to the Robinson Auto buildings to help spread the message. The spot was so well received, it was reported that one of the Robinson Auto owners actually shed a tear upon seeing it. That’s what we like!