Reaching for a Fundraising Goal Through Custom Video Production

video production about homelessness

Each year we produce a custom video for the local United Way to ultimately communicate “the need” and help raise money for the annual fundraising campaign.

We had some solid ideas on the table for this year’s video, but through completely open communication with our client and within our team, we agreed that our first idea wasn’t going to achieve the main goals of the United Way:  to make people aware of the growing need in the area, and to help compel people to give financially. After talking with the leaders at the local United Way, we decided it was the right time to focus in on the issue of homelessness. And while this is just one area where the United Way concentrates it resources, it felt like the right story to tell at the right time.

Ultimately, we wanted to hand the United Way a DVD that quickly and effectively explained a complex topic. And through creative video production, that story was told.

Here’s why we think this video works:

1) It’s real.

There are tears, there are honest opinions, there is genuine concern. These elements were captured on video through interviews. Many times we will capture 20 minutes of an interview and maybe use only 45 seconds in the final video. Spending lots of time with people and getting to know the real story about their cause, organization, company or school is the key to a memorable custom video production.

2) It’s validated.

We talked to many people who deal directly with the homeless population every day. Each person had a personal story to tell, but the common thread was that every person debunked popular misconceptions. The people who appear in the video are mostly recognized leaders in the field and come across as very natural and believable. Not everyone in a video has to be a known commodity. Sometimes the most compelling parts of a video come from the most unlikely of people. But, as we have come to find out in our time of interviewing countless people, everyone has a story. How that story translates into the camera comes from making a person feel comfortable while being interviewed.

3) It’s raw.

Within the first minute of the video, the biggest misconception about homelessness is addressed head-on. You see where some portions of the homeless population live while trying to get back on their feet. You hear straight-forward talk about how homelessness doesn’t discriminate. As for the style, the video was shot to match the content of the interviews. We felt the high definition video needed to be captured in a way that felt as though the viewer was behind the camera with their own eyes.

4) It’s local.

When the topic is related directly to where you live, it literally hits home. We shot video of recognizable landmarks and not necessarily in the same ways they have been seen before. Using unique camera angles and motion graphics can contribute greatly to the overall emotion of a video.

5) It’s emotional.

Ultimately, a video is effective if it raises your emotions. A video without emotion is rarely memorable and doesn’t make anyone want to take the next step. Through interviews, footage, music and motion graphics, this video comes together to tell the tough story of homelessness.

Every fundraising effort is unique, and every goal is different. What doesn’t change is the need to effectively and emotionally communicate your cause in a short amount of time. To find out more about how we can help you, click here.