Promotional Video for Website Success

What’s the best way to promote your existing, new, or upcoming website? The answer is easy. It’s with a great identity and creative online video.

Here’s an example. Recently, we produced a short promotional video for the progressive city of Bridgeport, West Virginia. The video was part of a campaign to promote the brand new online city newspaper. The website will be the primary source for news for the city.

Our philosophy is that any successful media outlet, business, organization, etc. starts with a great brand identity and message. And so, the project began with a new logo and style guide to complement an existing identity already being used by the Bridgeport CVB.

We carefully considered all the various aspects and applications of such an organization and developed an identity that would set the online resource apart from other news websites. We then carried the brand through to other promotional materials such as flags, t-shirts, and more. We also designed the user interface for the website… A complete package with personality, style, and a unique identity. And so, Connect Bridgeport was born.

To introduce this website brand to the world, we produced a promotional video. The video was meant to generate interest, describe the purpose of the new website, and convey the unique qualities of Connect Bridgeport to prospective users.

The promotional video was used on social media and on a website landing page. The new website launches on April 16, 2012, and the promotional video has served as an excellent way to jump start this new website adventure and help ensure its future success.

Please watch the video and then contact us to find out if a promotional video can help you.