Marketing that Actually Helps People

Do you trust most of the marketing that you’re bombarded with every day? Ever wonder if there’s a better way for businesses to not only promote themselves, but actually help people and be a responsible member of the community? How can a great story increase interest and make a positive impact for businesses and consumers alike?

In a recent collaborative effort with our long-time client Brain Prim (of the Prim Law Firm), Pikewood Creative produced a promotional video that tells the story of marathon champion and olympic hopeful, Clara Santucci.

Clara came to the attention of Pikewood Creative through her back-to-back wins at the Pittsburgh Marathon. We then learned that she grew up running the hills of Doddridge County, West Virginia and is one of the toughest, hard-working, and most sincere people you’ll ever meet. Her story is the stuff of great movies and novels… “Once upon a time, a hero is born from humble beginnings and overcomes adversity to save the world!” It’s a combination of the Rocky saga and Rudy all in one.

While our interest was piqued by the prospect of telling Clara’s story, we began to wonder how we could use the story to actually help Clara further her training and reach her goal of becoming an Olympic champion. The natural fit was Brain Prim. Brian is a proud West Virginian and his law practice parallels the core values Clara possess as an athlete. So the question arises, “what if Brain would be interested in supporting Clara’s cause?” He could finance the video, which would be used to generate funding for her training, and provide her with additional support as she prepares for the trials in Los Angeles. This would help Clara tremendously, and at the same time, show folks just how much Brian Prim wants to help the state of West Virginia and its citizens. Which says something about the way he deals with people and handles his practice.

Who wouldn’t want to work with a lawyer that uses his prestigious position to help someone? What about a guy who loves his state, his community, and the people that live there? I mean really loves them and is willing to take action and give something back. That lawyer might be the one you want for your next case.

At Pikewood, it’s always been a foundational principle to tell real, honest stories. We want to promote great people, organizations and businesses, and to collaborate with others who share our philosophy. So, we approached Brian with the idea of producing a video for Clara and he was happy to support the project.

Here’s the video Pikewood produced for Clara:

This video, distributed primary through Facebook and the Prim Law website, has helped Clara greatly in reaching her funding goals for training. It’s also boosted Brian Prim’s engagement through social media.

With the success of this digital video campaign, we’ve learned that it pays to always keep an eye out for a great story. You never know, you just might have a winning combination for helping a great person and promoting a great business all at once.

Isn’t that what great marketing should be?