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Hospice Care Corporation

Hospice Care brings compassion, care and support to individuals and their families transitioning through life-limiting illness while providing outreach, education and expertise in grief support to the entire community.

The folks at Hospice Care Corporation are truly special people with a unique perspective on life. Meeting with Hospice Care staff and listening to their stories made us realize just how important it is to receive proper care and attention at this tender stage of life. This isn’t a topic that most folks want to consider or have to deal with at all. Nevertheless, it’s something with which we will all be impacted eventually. The caring and loving people at Hospice Care Corporation of West Virginia made quite an impression on us and producing this video was a real pleasure. It’s a project we’ll never forget. We became so involved in the stories and in the wonderful work Hospice Care performs in our community, that our lives will forever be transformed and we’re sure that these stories will impact the lives of many others as well. Through this project, we learned that life is for living and that great stories are really worth telling.

The primary use of this corporate video is on the Hospice Care corporate website. The video is intended to create awareness about this kind of health care, show the impact Hospice Care has on the lives of patients, friends and family, and communicate that Hospice Care is a very important part of the community.

We love this kind of project… starting a video with great people who do great things always results in a great video production. This is the kind of story that can make a difference for any business or organization. This project has strongly reinforced our belief in telling real and honest stories from the heart.