Five Stars for Corporate Training Videos

training videos for restaurants

Muriale’s Italian Restaurant is a family tradition in North Central West Virginia.  For years, Muriale’s has been known for great food, service, and atmosphere.  The history of this establishment is an American story: a story of how hard work, dedication, a focus on customer service, and a commitment to excellence can lead to success.  Today, owner/operator Rocco Muriale continues the tradition by practicing these core values on a daily basis and passing his beliefs and values on to his staff.

Rocco Muriale is certainly an effective communicator and leader.  So how could a video possibly help such an established and effective restaurant owner?

Rocco (Muriale’s Owner) will tell you that, done right, mentoring takes time.  It’s hard work, and there’s no way around that.  However, if new or potential employees can sit down, watch a training video, and through that video get a feel for the rich history of the establishment, witness the synergy between staff members, see the respect they have for their manager and the system in which they work, and learn exactly what it means to be part the company, then in a very short amount of time, you’ve started everything off on the right foot.  You’ve set the tone, set expectations, and laid a solid foundation for the future.  You’ve clearly stated how things are going to be at this place of business. You also generate a sense of pride among existing staff members, motivate new employees, and maybe even make them want to be part of the team.

Granted, that’s a lot to accomplish in a short video, but we had a plan. For years we had worked with Rocco to communicate his message through TV commercials, web design, and print on many occasions, and we knew about his beaming personality.  So when the idea of creating a training video surfaced, we knew exactly what to do… get Rocco on camera.  We interviewed Rocco and his senior staff and formulated a short story–the story of Muriale’s.  The interviews were the first step and served as the foundation for the video.  The interviews were shot on location at Muriale’s, where we used HD video and special lighting techniques to compliment the atmosphere of the restaurant.  We then included custom video graphics to finalize the piece.  All of these ingredeints: the interviews, the lighting, the beautiful footage, and the graphics, helped communicate the tradition and excellence of Muriale’s Restaurant.