Custom Logo Design & Helping Those in Need

Last year, Pikewood Creative moved across town into a new office in the United Center where we’d be sharing a floor with a practice called Morgantown Plastic Surgery Associates. We didn’t realize then the global effect our next-door neighbors were having, or how lucky we’d be to join them in even the smallest way.

A surgeon from MPSA, Tom McClellan, came over one afternoon to tell us about an organization he’s involved with called InterplastWV, and to see if we could help with a custom logo design for t-shirts, and things of that nature. He told us how InterplastWV is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide free reconstructive surgery to those in need in third world countries. Typical surgeries include cleft lip/palate, burns, and hand reconstruction.

InterplastWV was founded by a fellow surgeon and Morgantownian, David Fogarty. Dr. Fogarty trained at Stanford under Dr. Donald Laub, who, in 1969, founded Interplast (now called ReSurge International) with the mission of transforming lives through the art of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Laub became the first academic to develop and lead multidisciplinary teams on humanitarian surgical trips to developing countries, and has both inspired and helped thousands. Being a true non-conformist, Dr. Fogarty formed his own group that was locally formed, funded, and managed in Morgantown. At this point, Dr. Fogarty’s total number of trips abroad is something like 98 or 99—a truly astounding commitment to his passion. He has been to Vietnam, Afghanistan, Nepal, and all over Africa, and has an amazing group of friends and benefactors who make all of this happen.

Pikewood Creative was more than eager to jump on board and help in any way we could. It’s our hope that the custom logo design we created will help this great organization establish and strong identity which will serve them for years to come. We look forward to many future projects with InterplastWV, and encourage you to contact Dr. Tom McClellan at Morgantown Plastic Surgery Associates if you would like to give toward their cause.