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Connect Bridgeport

One of the problems with living in our new global world is that it’s now easier to find out what’s happening on another continent than what’s happening down the street.

Global is nice, but lets face it – deep down – what we all really care about is our own world… where WE play, eat, shop, work, and just plain live.

Unfortunately, it keeps getting harder to really tune into what’s happening in our community.

What if there was one place where you could directly connect to the heart of the city of Bridgeport? A place where you would know – in real-time – exactly what’s happening at City Hall, in our schools, and local businesses. A place where you could search job openings and get news from the field, diamond, and courts. A place you could find stories, scores, videos and more… the content you care about.

A dynamic source of Bridgeport information – that never stops coming to you.

Beginning April 15th…

Bridgeport will be connected like never before.

Connect Community
Connect Commerce
Connect Bridgeport