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Citynet – This City

This purpose of this commercial is to communicate the overall benefits of using Citynet Cloud Services for business. With the Citynet Cloud, businesses can share, protect, and manage information with greater efficiency.

Our idea was to create something that would stand out and be memorable. We didn’t want to get into too many specifics with this commercial because the scope of services and capabilities involved could be overwhelming to most viewers. So, playing off the idea of “city” in Citynet, we decided to create a virtual/futuristic city to represent this idea of the cloud and local community. And so, a city in the clouds was born. The city itself has a futuristic design while being positioned in a sterile, vast, and open landscape. The landscape represents the cloud environment with its scalable and endless possibilities. The city brings that often nebulous concept of the “the cloud” into a unified community. In this case, the community focus is on the West Virginia service area. Within the city are buildings that represent the four major services/benefits of using the Citynet Cloud. Those services are access to information, information security, business growth, and local support.

Citynet is an IT services and management company that was founded in West Virginia. The company is now one of the leading providers of IT services in the state.