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Promotional Video for Website Success

Posted by Dan Pauley

What’s the best way to promote your existing, new, or upcoming website? The answer is easy. It’s with a great identity and creative online video. Here’s an example. Recently, we produced a short promotional video for the progressive city of Bridgeport, West Virginia. The video was part…


WV Department of Commerce Video Production

Posted by Wes Casto

West Virginia Development Office – Department of Commerce Film and :30 Commercial Pikewood Creative had the pleasure of working with Stonewall Group and the West Virginia Department of Commerce in the summer of 2011 to complete a business development video and :30 commercial to use in their…


A Young Gun Video Producer

Posted by Dan Pauley

Pikewood Creative’s Executive Producer, Dan Lohmann, has been honored by West Virginia Executive magazine as one of the members of the Young Guns Class of 2012. Lohmann has been the Executive Producer at Pikewood Creative for the last eight years, creating videos and commercials for a wide…


5 Reasons You Should Use WordPress as Your CMS

Posted by Wes Casto

What once was a simple blogging platform is now a rich content management system used by millions of websites around the world and big brands including CNN, People Magazine, and Ford. The ease of use and flexibility of WordPress make it the obvious choice for your website…

Emmy® Award Winning Television Commercials

Posted by Dan Pauley

United Bank is a long time client of Pikewood Creative, and is the main sponsor of West Virginia University athletics. To kick off the 2010 WVU football season, Pikewood produced a TV commercial titled “Anticipation.” The spot aired in West Virginia at the beginning of the football…


2 Reasons for Websites with Content Management Systems

Posted by Dan Pauley

A recent report from W3Techs shows that 71.5% of websites out there today are still not taking advantage of content management. That’s a shocking number when you consider the importance of using your website to promote your business or organization and generate more leads. You must work…

What is a corporate video?

Posted by Dan Pauley

If your involved in the business world, it’s safe to say you’ve probably heard the term “corporate video” used before.  And based on the title, most of us would assume “it’s a video about a corporation”.  Good so far, right? But what do you do with a…

Print • Top 3 Reasons to Update your Logo

Posted by Kristin Farrell

I speak about the importance of a good company logo all the time and the relevance it has on the perception of your business. Many companies have gone through various logo changes through their decades long histories, for example: Pepsi, Apple, Coke-Cola, etc… The question is why…

5 Exciting things about Social Web Video

Posted by Wes Casto

Having video on your website is a great way to engage users and increase your traffic. But what if there was a way to use video to create even more interaction with your audience? A company in Toronto, Canada has done just that by creating the first…

How long does it take to make a website?

Posted by Dan Pauley

Everyone wants their brand new website as soon as possible–usually yesterday. But each website is unique, so the time it takes to create can vary greatly. In order to get the best results in efficiency and ease, consider this… Relationships take time. It depends on you. It’s…

website cost

How much does a website cost?

Posted by Dan Pauley

“They don’t hire me to design a website for the sake of designing a website. They hire me to design a website that’s going to help them grow their business.” — Breaking the Time Barrier, Mike McDerment A professionally designed website is the most valuable tool and…

Print • Creative Business Cards Still Matter

Posted by Kristin Farrell

So you do think business cards are a dying trend? You may be thinking everything is moving to electronics and Vcards’ but what if something happens to your electronics? Do you really want to spell out your email to potential clients in a meeting? Tell them you’re…

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