Can Custom Video Production Promote Clear Skin?

dermatologist - video production - commercial - local business

Yes… By telling a great story with professional custom video production. It’s sounds like a simple idea, but it’s an often overlooked method of communication. Gimmicks, trickery, pointing fingers, and even deception are common practices in the field of advertising. But people aren’t stupid and they know when something isn’t real. Most people have resorted to recording TV shows and skipping the commercials, mostly because they are tired of seeing the local garbage that is communicated. They’re tired of getting some silly jingle stuck in their heads. That stuff doesn’t work anymore. “Real” works in advertising. The truth works.

Recently, we had the great pleasure to work with the folks at Appalachian Spring Dermatology in Fairmont, WV. The lead dermatologist, Beth Santmyire-Rosenberger (MD, PhD) is one of the top doctors in her field and new to the area. She came to us to help her develop a strategy for increasing her business. When you are dealing with folks of this caliber, the solution for how to help them is easy–get to the heart of the matter and tell the story of what makes this place different without getting in the way.

Pikewood’s capabilities cover the gamut of the forms of communication: video, radio, print, social media, etc. But we knew if we could adequately capture the story of Appalachian Spring Dermatology in a series of 30-second commercials on local TV, we could get Beth the business she needed.

So we learned about her business, talked to the right people, and it was lights, camera, action. We produced a series of TV commercials, put them on the air, and they really worked. Her business quickly increased, appointments were scheduled, and people have been helped. So much so that the TV spots were suspended because the demand was too high! Not a bad problem to have. There is some talk out there about how TV advertising is giving way to online advertising. Well, it’s not dead just yet. Just ask Beth. The trick is to have a great product and talented people telling your story. That’s what it’s all about.