Branded Video is Powerful

A recent report by emarketer reports that “Total video ad views leapt more than 50% year over year in Q4 2013.”

Major brands used video to their advantage in 2013. For example, GoPro used the “how will you GoPro” campaign, Volvo went with the great Jean-Claude Van Damme spots, and Dodge used Ron Burgundy to get some laughs and major views.

These are some big names and using video in this way probably seems out of reach for most people. So, allow me to present a practical example of how branded video can help your business.

One of our clients is a local car company… Northside Automotive. We’ve been doing business together for years and have established a strong, integrated campaign that includes marketing materials such as billboards, radio, sponsorships, etc. The company markets to a statewide audience and has experienced much success and growth.

Over the past several years, we’ve added branded video in form of 30 second spots that run regularly as pre roll ads online. We complimented and enhanced the brand with a specific look and feel and consistently produce new spots to let buyers know about specials offers, etc.

We’ve also helped establish new “sub-brands” such as a pre-owned auto outlet.

Branded video is a powerful, flexible, fast, and effective way to increase business and awareness. Video can do what no other medium can accomplish.

Check out one of our Northside commercials and let us know if you have questions.

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