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Lauren Byrer


Lauren Byrer serves as Pikewood Creative’s Copy Editor/Copywriter, responsible for reviewing and adjusting written print and visual communications, as well as writing prose and text for Pikewood and its clients. Her goal is to clearly and creatively express a company’s intended message and ensure the technical integrity of written publications.

Prior to joining the Pikewood team in 2009, Lauren enjoyed positions as a communication director and a public relations director where she managed intercommunication and collaborated with executives, clients, and artists on marketing strategies and advertising campaigns for commercial businesses and nonprofits. Having a particular fondness for composition, proofreading, and grammar, she has also been a freelance book editor, scriptwriter, drafter, and cowriter. Lauren graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor of science in journalism.

A West Virginia native, Lauren loves baking, musicals, a good sale, deadlines, and spending time with her husband and three sons.

Favorite Quote: My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it. –Mark Twain