What is a corporate video?

If your involved in the business world, it’s safe to say you’ve probably heard the term “corporate video” used before.  And based on the title, most of us would assume “it’s a video about a corporation”.  Good so far, right?

But what do you do with a video about a corporation? And why do you need a corporate video?

Corporate videos have multiple uses: business-to-business, business sales, shareholder meetings, award ceremonies, documentaries, training, etc.  The ever-shrinking attention span of the average internet-age person has forced everyone to think outside the box to get noticed.  Video is the user-friendly approach to accomplishing that goal.

Great corporate videos tell stories about real businesses and real people:

  • The old-school corporate video is dead.  You know the one with the stiff script read by the even stiffer narrator.  The old-school corporate video contains visual images that lacked artistic composition.  They came off as fake and unprofessional.
  • New-school corporate videos are thick in their texture.  They contain art-directed visual images, motion graphics, engaging music tracks, and real people speaking from their heart and not reciting the words from a scriptwriter.
  • Today’s corporate videos use today’s technology to explain what was once mundane material.  Graphs and financial statements can be animated and flow with colors and sound that leave a lasting impression on viewers.
  • Technological advancements also allow corporate videos a limitless number of viewing options.  Sure you can show the finished product in the ole corporate boardroom, but that’s only the beginning.  If you can digitize it, then you can watch it anywhere.  From the big boardroom to the phone in your hand.

Corporate videos of yesterday have become image videos.  They are becoming the universal language of business.  It’s not a matter of if your company needs a video, but rather how badly you’ll hurt your business without one.

Additionally, many companies are able to repurpose elements of their video production to create vignettes and commercials.  Vignettes can be used to further explain a product or service in more detail.  The vignette can be placed on the specific website page for that product or service offering.

What’s the most interesting and creative use of a corporate video that you’ve seen?

We’d love to hear about it and take a look.

Print • Top 3 Reasons to Update your Logo

I speak about the importance of a good company logo all the time and the relevance it has on the perception of your business. Many companies have gone through various logo changes through their decades long histories, for example: Pepsi, Apple, Coke-Cola, etc… The question is why and when did they change their logo? Even more importantly, when will it be time for you to give your brand a new look?

1. Logo is Visually Outdated.

You’re now thinking to yourself, this was great when it was designed, what happened? A redesign of a logo keeps the brand from feeling stale or out of touch. This could be as simple as changing out colors and or updating a font. A great example of this is the at&t logo. You can see that the overall concept did not change at all, yet there is a drastic visual difference between the old one (left) and the new (right). Changing the font and adding some depth and a 3D feel sets this logo apart. The new one feels fresh and current.

2.For Better Recognition and Growth.

With websites, social networks, and blogs being a significant resource for communication, your logo needs to be adaptable on all mediums.  Being web-friendly means easily readable and professional looking across all platforms.  Take a look at this Starbucks logo. Although the original one (left) would look great printed on a coffee bag, when used as a twitter icon, a facebook profile pic or on a website, it will lose its impact and be very hard to recognize. By simplifying things, and adding some color, the logo becomes an icon that people instantly recognize for the brand.

3.You’ve Changed.

Whether you’ve changed your name, type of business or want to change the image of your business, a new logo can symbolize that and create a new visual representation of your brand. For example, apple used to just sell the Macintosh computer. Today with the introduction of new products, services and  innovative technology it not only sells computers, but ipod, ipad, iphone, etc. It is important that the logo evolve with the brand and create a new image of the company along with its products.





These are all examples of successful logo updates that have made an impact on the company.  I suggest that if you have any of the above scenarios currently happening within your company that its time to reevaluate your company’s logo and the message you want to send your current and potential clients.

Want your logo updated? Contact us here to get started.