Creative Video for Online Consumption

increase business with online video

Come into the light and be found.

If you’re not creating video for your corporate website or for online consumption and applications, then you’re missing out on a digital revolution. The explosion of the digital storytelling age is where the interactive/online and traditional broadcast mediums merge into a dynamic, immersive, and inbound world where the customer finds you. That’s right…the customer finds you.

And when the customer finds you, what will they get? Hopefully, they get something engaging that will make an impression and give them the information they need to make decisions. Studies are showing that the best way to do this is with creative video. With creative video you can make your point in a short amount of time. You can think about what you want to communicate, get your thoughts together, and give Internet users the information they need quickly and easily. You can further establish your brand, exhibit your personality, and effectively make your point. And once you get a rhythm going, you can keep them engaged and informed with more video content. As Tobi Elkin, of eMarketer put it, “Creating an online video presence helps marketers facilitate an ongoing dialogue with consumers, boost brand equity, lure prospective customers and solidify support among brand loyalists.”

People are using the Internet to make decisions, and who wants to read when you can sit back and watch a great video and quickly get the information needed? Given the choice between watching a video that communicates a message well or having to read through an extensive document, article, or technical data, most people will choose the video. I’m not even sure why I wrote this article… where’s our lights and camera?

A competitive edge.

You already know the impact that the Internet and social media has had on our economy and culture in recent years, but complimenting that power with digital video is growing just as fast. In a recent article on, Paul Verna points out that customers are increasingly consuming more and more online video and that custom video production is becoming more important for driving sales. also predicts that by 2014, the number of US online video viewers will represent 77% of internet users. In short, the advertising and marketing world has shifted and online creative video is the new weapon of choice. Retailers and other businesses and organizations are now increasing the amount of money they spend on online video content as opposed to more other mediums and they finding increase ROI as a result.

So, are you ready to join the digital storytelling revolution?

Good. Here’s what you’ll need to consider:

Creative Strategy.

This means that you evaluate your situation, consider how creative video can work for you, and develop a plan for producing and implementing your new marketing tool.

Creative Ideas.

It’s not about a template, or even polished video with amazing visual effects and graphics. It’s about a complete, well-planned and well-orchestrated work of art that completely expresses the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs an organization or business. And it’s not about being flashy, edgy, or even beautiful. Just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean it’s good. After all, it’s what’s in the inside that really counts, right? When you get down to it, effective communication is about compelling, engaging, and real stories. You need an idea. You need to cut through the clutter and communicate a clear and concise message. As you know, Internet users have short attention spans. It’s important to get their attention and keep it.

Creative Video Production.

Production is about fulfilling the ideas formulated in the previous step. This requires talented and experience professionals that know how to visually represent and produce products that will work. In some cases, production can be accomplished in-house and without a professional studio. You have to consider whether or not you have the time and ability to accomplish what’s needed. And, of course, your budget is a big concern.

Creative Execution.

Once you have the plan, the idea, and the creative video(s), you must stay the course, stick to your guns, and execute, execute, execute. This can be challenging for most businesses… especially small business… because it’s just one more thing, right? You may say, “This all sounds great, but I don’t have time for this!” Relax. In most cases it makes sense to partner with a reliable professional that can help generate the content and provide guidance.

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Custom Video Production for Legal Commercials

legal video production

Four Keys to Successful Legal Commercials

I’m not an attorney and I’ve never played one on TV, but I’ve seen lots of them pitching their firm in television commercials. I can tell you for sure that most of the time I don’t like what I see. It makes me uncomfortable, like the time Roseanne Barr sang the national anthem. I have nothing against lawyers, in fact a large percentage of my closest friends are lawyers. However, being a lawyer and being a television spokesperson for your law firm are two very different things.

Just because you’re a lawyer doesn’t make you the best spokesperson for the firm. Ryan Seacrest of American Idol fame is a silky-smooth host who is wonderful in front of a camera. However, I wouldn’t want Ryan Seacrest making the closing argument in my defense at a murder trial. You get the picture. We all have our strengths and our limitations.

Over the years, we’ve worked with lawyers in various areas of custom video production and have come up with four key elements to successful legal commercials:

  1. Credibility: The lawyer or firm must be able to communicate a genuine, personal honesty and passion to help those who have been wronged.
  2. A Story is Told: The “story” could profile the attorney and his motivation to serve clients or detail a specific client’s case that led to a positive resolution.
  3. High Quality Video Production: The look and “feel” of a commercial non-verbally communicates so many different messages to a viewer. Pristine video is the product of detailed planning, professionally coordinated lighting, shot composition, and color correction. Nothing good comes easy and that holds true in video production. If you spend 30 minutes taping a commercial, you’ll get a commercial that looks like it took 30 minutes to produce.
  4. Call to Action: A successful legal commercial must include a client offer or direction to obtain more information. It may be as simple as a website address or it could be a specific product-related offering which provides value to the potential client.

Here’s an example of how we combined these elements for attorney Brian Prim. A large percentage of Brian’s cases deal with victims suffering from the fatal disease of Mesothelioma. There are a number of national firms who solicit cases involving Mesothelioma. Their shotgun approach can be termed impersonal and corporate. Prim’s approach is completely opposite; he builds relationships and becomes an advocate for the victims and their families. Those relationships last long after a settlement has been reached or a verdict returned.

Rather than forcing Brian to deliver scripted comments, we conducted a long form interview that allowed him to be totally natural and confident as he addressed his passion of caring for victims of Mesothelioma. The result is a commercial that contains all four keys mentioned above, and one that directly led to an increase in the number of Mesothelioma cases at Prim Law.

You’ve seen our four keys to successful legal commercials; do you have any others that you think are essential? Let us know.